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Past Events

How to overcome the challenges of virtual selling

Martin Coburn and Ian Mackenzie explain how to overcome the new landscape of selling in a virtual environment and how to turn it into an advantage for your team.

The secrets of engaging the C-suite

Martin Coburn, Mark Cheshire and Nick Sandall reveal what sales professionals and teams need to focus on to engage at the C-level and win bigger, more transformational deals higher up the value chain.

What do customers want now?

In a world of changing B2B buying behaviour, The Win Academy’s MD, Martin Coburn speaks to Futurecurve’s CEO, Helen Blake about how challenging your customer value proposition helps you stay relevant, different and ahead of the customer buying curve.

10x your sales team's performance

Sales teams and sales professionals sometimes need a little tough love to extract their best performance. In this workshop, Susie O’Gorman and Martin Coburn reveal what they commonly observe that requires them to deliver some tough love in the training room to participants and how you or your team can avoid the same fate.