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Meaningful Client Conversations

We show your sales team how to maximise the value of every client relationship by having more meaningful conversations to deepen connections and become true trusted advisors.

Meaningful Client Conversations uses a research-based approach combing psychology with the science of persuasion and influence to show sales professionals how to unlock deeper, more trusting relationships.

Ensure conversations deliver maximum value

for you and the client

We have limited face to face time with clients. Every conversation is an opportunity to gather intelligence about your client’s business and understand their problems without attempting to sell a solution at the first opportunity.

The programme shows teams how to keep listening and ask further questions to gain a broader picture of the client’s needs and issues. Presented by sales professionals with a proven track record from long-term commercial relationships, you will discover how to deliver maximum value based on mutual purpose and respect.

5 ways this programme gives you the advantage over your competitors

  • Quickly discover what motivates decision-makers by tuning into their needs through empathetic listening
  • Close deals faster by learning specific approaches to accelerate trust and deepen relationships
  • Build credibility faster by sharpening lines of enquiry and integrating empathy to challenge your client and open up more insightful conversations
  • Gain instant impact by learning the dynamics of persuasion and influence from sales professionals with a proven track record
  • Overcome fears and anxiety that can lead to creating a poor impression and low credibility

Here’s what those who have been through the programme tell us

“This programme has been extremely valuable in helping me prepare for important client meetings and be mindful of the need to really listen instead of jumping to the “sell”

“The planning and preparation techniques I gained have given me the freedom to relax during client meetings and have a real conversation leading to hugely valuable insights that I previously would have missed”

“I have the confidence to explore much broader conversations with my clients without fear of going outside my area of expertise.”

“This has massively deepened my relationships; my client now calls me to chat ideas through!”

These 4 critical areas are explored in the programme to help you maximise the value from every client interaction

Winning the inner game

Establishing psychological safety in client conversations to increase business intimacy and the willingness to explore new thinking.

Value based questioning and listening

Having the confidence and capability to ask insightful questions, listen to understand and use persuasive messages to gather valuable intelligence and to build your story.

Building trust-based relationships

Deepening relationships with clients by applying 5 ways to build rapport and trust through conversation.

Meeting planning

Gaining maximum value from each conversation through intelligent planning tailored to the needs of your client.

Making extraordinary performance
the ordinary way of doing business

Why our approach works

  • Delivered by sales professionals, not sales trainers, who have significant, proven experience engaging across the whole value chain
  • The opportunity to work on real client relationships
  • Valuable discussion and sharing of stories, insights and ideas between participants
  • Practice and apply new skills in a safe environment
  • Digital tools that deliver learning at the point and place of need accessible 24/7

Your team will learn how to

  • Establish relationships based on mutual trust, value and respect
  • Suspend self interest and tune into the needs of each client
  • Identify specific actions that will enhance client relationships
  • Identify and sharpen lines of inquiry that lead to insightful client conversations
  • Integrate empathy and inquiry skills to succeed in more challenging conversations
  • Understand the dynamics of persuasion and influence
  • Understand what it really means to be a trusted advisor
  • Develop specific approaches to enhance trust and deepen target client relationships

Duration and Format:

Flexible format:
1 day face to face or 2 x virtual masterclass sessions

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