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Live Pitch Coaching

We help you achieve greater success and build more confident, compelling pitch presenters.

We give your pitch teams the tools to master the human element of the pitch, from the needs and wants of their audience, to their own emotional states. We help them to be confident, compelling and persuasive – when it matters the most.

Increase your success in high-stakes, must-win deals

Our clients have increased conversion rates by up to 75%

  • The white-heat of live opportunities enables us to coach your sales professionals in real time and bring out the best in them to win
  • Leverage methodologies and strategies developed over 30 years of consistently winning deals
  • Deploy a team that has consistently won bids totalling more than £1 billion a year
  • Maximise on opportunities and continue to build your position in the market place
  • Harness the potential of the whole pitch team through rigorous pitch rehearsals

Why our clients trust us
with their must-win deals

“You were absolutely marvellous – I genuinely think that without your intervention / coaching we wouldn’t have got anywhere near the quality of presentation that we delivered yesterday… Big massive thank you”

“The support of The Win Academy has been a fundamental cornerstone in securing a number of key business opportunities over the past 12 months. The team supports our deal teams with presentation coaching during high stakes business opportunities which has resulted in unprecedented levels of success.”

How we’ve helped our clients win deals
worth more than £1 billion a year

Pitches aren’t lost because of the service or product. They are lost because the client is not convinced to buy.

Our expert pitch coaches work alongside your pitch team on live opportunities at every stage of the pitching process.

We help build an understanding of the target client, what they want, what their business needs are and what will compel them to buy.

We then help you articulate your ideas and your story in a way that’s relevant and meaningful, and that sets your brand apart from the pack.

Finally, we help with the delivery of the pitch itself.

This has been a very successful partnership with our clients over a number of years, particularly on those must-win deals where the competition is strong and there is a need to be forensic and detailed in the quality of your pitch presentation.

Ready to increase your success rate on must-win deals?

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