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Engaging The C-Suite

Engaging The C-Suite helps you win bigger, more transformational deals that change the game by showing sales professionals how to think, act and move strategically when engaging C-level executives.

The programme brings together the experience and insight from a team of sales professionals with a proven track record of engaging with C-level executives and winning sales.

Engaging the C-Suite will help your sales professionals

access higher value, high profile deals

5 ways this programme
gives you the advantage

  • Build deeper trust and rapport by mastering the thinking and psychology of C-level decision-makers
  • Gain rapid ROI with practical actions, tools and technologies you can use immediately
  • Have confidence in your sales professionals to deliver a consistent experience to strengthen relationships
  • Cut wasted time and effort with a strategic approach to developing C-level relationships
  • Win more business faster by avoiding common mistakes when approaching C-level executives


  • How much is your client prepared to share?
  • Have you built a clear picture of the context?
  • Have you understood the real issues?
  • Have you earnt the right to learn more?

Unlock the higher value deals by
building capability in these 3 areas

This programme is as much about behavioural change as it is skill-building. We will show your sales professionals how to act more strategically, move with greater authority and use the right language and approach to engage at C-suite level.

The voice of the client

  • Meaningful preparation
  • Understanding the macro
  • Market insights
  • Competitor landscape
  • Motivators and needs
  • Researching the market, sector, client, division
  • Competitor activity
  • Individual style and drivers

Being in the moment

  • Building trust, empathy and rapport
  • Establishing psychological safety
  • Demonstrating credibility, competence and confidence
  • Making a great first impression
  • Reading the client

Offering and gaining insight

  • Gathering the right insights to curate a solution
  • Value based questioning and listening
  • Questions to explore and understand
  • Advanced listening techniques
  • Offering insights and perspectives

Making extraordinary performance
the ordinary way of doing business

The power behind this programme

  • Delivered by sales professionals, not sales trainers, who have significant, proven experience engaging across the whole value chain
  • Includes individual coaching sessions and a follow up workshop
  • Focus on the real client relationships that each participant wishes to develop
  • An online portal hosting learning materials and methodologies delivered at the point and place of need
  • Discussion and sharing of experience, insights and ideas between participants

Want to start winning bigger deals
by engaging C-level executives?

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