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Business Storytelling

In a world where information is endlessly duplicated and presented via dull, bland, data rich presentations, it’s hard for businesses to differentiate their uniqueness from the competition.

Business storytelling will elevate your discussions to focus on the human needs of your audience.

A well crafted story, powerfully delivered,

will differentiate your offer and engage customers more deeply than any other means of business communication

The programme will cover the two clear disciplines to outstanding business storytelling

The first is the ability to craft a well structured, powerful, and compelling story;
To be a great story writer


The second is the ability to articulate that story in a way that is easy to follow and stimulates emotion; 
To be a great storyteller.


6 ways business storytelling gives you an advantage

  • Stories build client’s loyalty to those businesses they emotionally connect with
  • Stories engage at a deeper, more personal level
  • Stories allow businesses to emerge in a crowded market
  • Stories generate emotions which encourage action
  • Stories resonate and create lasting memories of your products or services
  • Stories bring facts to life in a powerful way

Business Storytelling will allow your teams to:

  • Differentiate your offer from the competition
  • Deliver memorable client presentations
  • Build strong, trusting client relationships
  • Win more business

The programme is highly interactive and provides a practical, immersive experience of learning and applying the art of business storytelling. It follows the 10 Disciplines of Business Storytelling illustrated below and can be delivered in a virtual or face to face environment.

The Business Storytelling System

By investing in this program your sellers will have the skill and discipline to do the following:

Create the Story

  • Get clear on “Why” we are here
  • Understand the client’s pain points, and what has led them to this point
  • Clearly illustrate the business outcomes and payoffs; the value proposition
  • Clearly map out a path for the client to see how they can achieve their desired outcomes
  • Position the client as the real hero, not your product or service
  • Present a clear logical narrative that is easy to follow
  • Apply the lessons from science that tell us why people buy
  • Make it easy for the client to repeat your story to other influencers in their business

Tell the Story

  • Believe in the power of storytelling and stop, relying on boring PowerPoint slides to present to their clients
  • Be a confident in articulating the story
  • Create some emotion! Whilst logic reassures its emotion that inspires
  • Use powerful, uncomplicated language that resonates with your target audience
  • Have the ability to use metaphors anecdotes to bring your message to life and make it memorable
  • And most importantly; Be the best presented solution by telling a differentiated well told story

Want to start differentiating your offer through business storytelling?

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