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Why Work With Us

We are advanced,
sharp and engaging

What The Win Academy is… and what we’re not

  • We’re direct but we’re not confrontational
  • We’re challenging but we’re not combative
  • We’re honest but we’re not critical
  • We’re confident but we’re not arrogant
  • We offer our opinion but we’re not opinionated
  • We're backed by research but we don’t baffle with science
  • We’re specialists but we don’t confuse with jargon

The values we live by

We're engaging

Anyone can deliver information. To turn training into tangible results and wins, you need to deliver it in a way that engages learners to participate, take risks and practice new skills to improve performance instantly. Inspired learning leads to inspired action where it matters most, in front of your prospective clients with one goal in mind, to win more.

We get it

We are successful business leaders and sales professionals in our own right. We know what you’re going through, because we’ve been through it too. And we know what it feels like to lose. We didn’t like that feeling. We’re guessing you don’t too. So let’s get your team back winning again.

We bring the fire

Our goal is to help you win more, so we bring an intensity and discipline not just when working with clients, but to everything we do. Extraordinary performance is our ordinary way of doing business. And it’s the only way to do business if winning is your goal.

We're ahead of the game

Our approach is advanced because it needs to be. We help you master the fundamentals while bringing in the latest tools, technologies and research-supported thinking on the science of persuasion. We also bring a level of discipline that others can’t touch because getting this right matters.

We're practical

Knowledge without application is pointless. Our approach is action-oriented from the moment we start working with you, from working on live opportunities to role play, so you can start winning more sooner.

We're credible

If you want to win, you need help from proven winners. Our team has vast sector understanding and specialised knowledge and experience to deliver exactly what you need to overcome your challenges.

Our Winning Team

  • We have a belief in service
  • We’re confident, clear and authoritative
  • We talk from a place of experience
  • We’re not afraid to speak honestly, but we do so with grace
  • We take our role seriously to help sales leads get the best from their teams

Martin Coburn
Managing Director

Susie O’Gorman
TWA Executive Coach

Ian Mackenzie
TWA Executive Coach

Elissa Telfer
TWA Executive Coach

David Bliss
TWA Executive Coach

Jim Steele
TWA Executive Coach

Paul Dalton
TWA Executive Coach

Michael Teape
TWA Executive Coach (Americas)

Alex Kermisch
TWA Executive Coach (Americas)

Lisa Ryan
Head of Digital Learning

Stephen Blakely
TWA Executive Coach

Nick Sandall
C-Suite Specialist

Mark Cheshire
C-Suite Specialist

Making extraordinary performance
the ordinary way of doing business

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