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Making extraordinary performance the ordinary way of doing business

The Win Academy brings a level of discipline, rigour and intensity to developing your team that no other platform can match.

Give your sales team the benefit of being trained by a team that has helped clients win multiple sized deals in many industries totalling more than £1 billion each year.

Proven robust content, intelligent design and world class coaching

In addition to delivering our highly acclaimed training programmes we also work alongside your sales team providing coaching on live pursuits. We can deliver both of these offers through a blend of online and in-person coaching to help you start winning more, sooner.

Our Services

Live Pitch Coaching

Don’t just improve your sales performance. Knock it out
of the park.


Powerful Programmes

You seek exceptional sales success. Our programmes will help
you achieve it.


Bespoke Design

Our practical and proven frameworks
are powerful in their combination
and will deliver your results.


Our clients trust
us to deliver results


  • “Pitching to Win has significantly contributed to improving our win rate by 73% over 12 months”.

    SVP Sales & Marketing
  • “The support of The Win Academy has been a fundamental cornerstone in securing a number of key business opportunities over the past 12 months”.

  • “The Win Academy have helped our sales team dramatically increase their performance through a disciplined approach to pitch preparation and delivery; and they have changed the way our leaders and teams work to improve the quality of their relationships with internal and external stakeholders”.

  • “The Win Academy delivers results, and I put this down to a combination of exceptional design, outstanding delivery and a relentless desire to create a shift in the mindset and performance of an audience”.

    Senior Vice President UK&I Sales & Marketing
  • “You were absolutely marvellous – I genuinely think that without your intervention / coaching we wouldn’t have got anywhere near the quality of presentation that we delivered yesterday…. Big massive thank you”.

Clients & Partners  

5 great reasons why The Win Academy gives you an advantage

  • Have the edge on your competition – apply a new level of rigour and discipline to every step of the pitching process
  • More effective sales conversations – deepen relationships and build trust faster to close more deals
  • Keep your team sharp – be part of a community of aspirational sales professionals who raise their game to win in the training so they’re better equipped to win in the market
  • Get it right first time – we can build a solution that’s fit for purpose delivering more value first time saving you time and money
  • Win more, win faster – instantly apply the tools and ideas in our programmes

Why work with The Win Academy?

  • Coaching from experienced sales professionals not professional trainers
  • Customisable and built for your requirements
  • Sector specialisation in financial services, professional services, IT, engineering, manufacturing and facilities management
  • Practical, actionable content delivered with personality
  • Access to a suite of digital tools to deliver learning at the point and place of need

Making extraordinary performance
the ordinary way of doing business

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